Chairman of dmc 579 had meeting with leader of itoham group in japan

On the trip to Japan on November 11-14th 2013, Chairman of DMC 579 had a meeting with Japanese Enterprises to find opportunities to improve business cooperation between Japanese Enterprises and DMC 579
With promoted multi-disciplinary strategy, including ex-import field, Leader of DMC 579 had meeting wih Leaders of Itoham Group, discuss about cooperated plan in the next time.
Leaders of DMC 579 works with Itoham Group
Itoham Foods is the 2nd  largest processing meat Group in Japan, specialize manufacturing and saling fresh meat and processed meat. With becoming leading of Manufactoring and Processing Meat Group in Asia goal, Itoham focusing expand business activities to developing countries in Asia, typical is VietNam. Itoham Group and DMC 579 got important negotiations through the visit of Chairman of DMC 579, promising cooperation between 2 parties will be some new development. 


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