Attracting and managing students to dmc-579 dormitory

On the afternoon November 4th , Dmc 579 dormitory management center hold conference to discuss solutions about attracting and managing students at general dormitory of Da Nang city which invested by government bond funds with attending of representative of universities and colleges  in the city.
Because of rolled out the solution with universities and colleges effectively, until now Eastern Dormitory (Ngu Hanh Son District) has total 415 rooms full up about 2500 students; Western Dormitory (Lien CHieu District) has total 728 rooms filled around 90%.
Representative of Universities and Colleges said that demand of accommodations of student are large, so Government need to invest and construct more and more dormitory; maintain fee at least level aim to share their difficulties; security; coordinate with authority organ to manage student activities well.
Representative visit DMC 579 Dormitory, award to students
Representative of DMC 579 Dormitory adopted these ideas to add and finish attracting and managing students, at the same time committed to support student most.


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