Promoting rate of progress in lien chieu, hoa vang district

On November 27th, Vice President Da Nang People’s Committee Phung Tan Viet chair the meeting about checking and laying resettlement in Lien Chieu, Hoa Vang district
In Hoa Vang, number of relieved household before 2011which still waiting for resettlement land are 49 cases until November 21th , almost of them to be arranged Southern Hoa Minh Garden, DT 602 street, Hoa Lien Street. There are 2 big problems in resettlement place: no construction layout and construction unit deployed late because of unfavorable weather. According to that, Hoa Minh Region will give land to households at the end of December, 2013. To get construction layout for construction unit in DT 602 Region, Da Nang People’s Committee will support to relieved households which haven’t handover land yet to solve at the end point. If having problems, Hoa Vang People’s Committee will make administrative procedures, report to Da Nang People’s Committee  to commit infrastructure construtions, handover to households in 2013 rightnow.
In Lien Chieu, there are 331 households which still waiting for resettlement. Vice President Da Nang People’s Committee Phung Tan Viet steer to compliment land of resettlement solved options for relieved households. According to that, households will be arranged at completed infrastructure projects unless waiting for land, and promote rate of progress to handover land. Through report of complimented units, almost households will waiting receive land which they arranged on the map.
Vice President Da Nang People’s Committee Phung Tan Viet said that although households committed that will receive land in 2014 but Constructions unit also proactive to deploy project, promote handover of progress, make conditions for household resettled soon.


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