Providing Accommodations for students with 85000 VND/month

On the morning May 24th, 2013, Duy Tan University and 579-STT Corporation hold Cooperation & Singing Ceremony bout providing accommodations in Dormitory for Duy Tan Student.
Perspective of Signing Ceremony
According to signed record, each year 579-STT will assign to Duy Tan University A, B, C region of Western Dormitory (Hoa Khanh Ward, Lien CHieu District) and A, B, C region of Eastern Dormitory (Ngu Hanh Son District) with total 350-500 rooms to use, exploit , arrange for Duy Tan Student stay with fee 85.000 VND/month for each student (exclude other fee)
According to Dr VO Thanh Hai, Vice President of Duy Tan University, the signing with 579-STT help Duy Tan University arrange accommodations for student immediately after beginning the school term, and helping university on managing students


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