Phu My An Town

Phu My An Town located at Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son street.
Phu My An is invested by 579 Investment and Construction Company.  It is such a model urban area with thorough funtions, finance, commerce, accomodation, and tourism services, alongside of culture, education, high technology, sciences centers 
Perspective of Phu My An Town
Its completed and methodical plans for a modern resident area on a scale of 64,34 ha, is supported with advanced infrastructure technology systems, and spacious arrangement, that achieves the standards of “Green – Clean – Beatiful” resident area. Besides, the investor also focuses on public services construction such as: schools, entertainment center, gym and sport center, commercial street, supermarket,… to assure the best amenities and convenience for people living here. In addition to this, Phu My An extremely supply a green and fresh habitat with 85.000 m2 of 10 green parks, and grasslands.
At this time, Danarees Real Estate Exchange is responsible for trading Phu My An project to customer.


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