An Thinh Phat Complex

An Thinh Phat Project located at Luong Dinh Cua street, Binh An ward, 02 District, Ho Chi Minh city

Duc Manh Corporation is its only investor, identified under the contract of transferring and investment cooperation with two others company, Truong Thinh investment & construction Single member Limited Liability Company and Tan Viet An (TVA) investment & housing business Joint stock company.

An Thinh Phat is a residential with 03 tenement block and 94 separate villas on a land of 30,710 m2. Tenement buildings includes 18 storey and supply totally 342 apartments, where expecially also serve people with commercial area, and clubs. In while, the villas are designed with 4 storey and beautiful garden.  Simutaniously, internal roads and green park are accomplished and support effectively for its comfortability and clean environment.

Project scale:

Housing area: 18,728m2

Park and sport grounds area: 2,722m2

Internal road area: 9,260m2

Total: 30,710m2

Construction density: 37.7%

Using land coefficient: 3.3

Estimate population: 1744 people

Using civil land target: 17.61m2/person




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